Active Vehicle Barriers - Physical Bollards

VIRSIG can harden your facility, property and assets so they are protected from offensive outside attacks. This is done through vehicular access control and electronic monitoring systems that deter and detect such threats.

Devices such as anti-terrorism ram barriers / pop-up vehicle barricades, are now connected to the I.P. network and can be tied into your access control system. Whether through the use of static steel bollards, pop-up hydraulic or pneumatic systems, the active vehicle barriers we offer can stop an offensive vehicle from entering a perimeter, sidewalk, or building.

The active vehicle barriers can be combined with a License Plate Reader System which uses technology to detect a vehicle, capture the image containing the license plate, locate and read the number and state of origin, and process the information in real time from linked databases.

Keywords: bollards, anti-crash, anti-ram, non-profits, stores, churches, synagogues, homeland security grant, target hardening