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VIRSIG Offering Anti-Ram Bollards to Protect Pedestrians and Property

VIRSIG, LLC, an award winning New York City-based networked technology company, is expanding its security offerings with anti-ram security bollards. These are passive environmentally friendly security devices that protect people and assets against accidental intrusions or intentional attacks. Steel bollards are commonly located in front of private and government buildings, as well as airports, stadiums, shopping malls, museums, retail stores, etc.

Bollards protect the perimeter of a building or other areas by keeping out moving vehicles; this includes those operated by a person who may have had an unexpected debilitating medical episode behind the wheel, or an individual with illicit intent.

Bollards can be fixed or retractable, powered by hydraulics or pneumatic systems. They are part of an overall security strategy for any business or facility that requires perimeter protection from potentially hostile vehicles.

"Bollards are a mitigation measure that can saves lives."

VIRSIG is an I.P. network-centric technology company and systems integrator that focuses on bridging physical and logical security. Glenn Taylor, Executive Director of Virsig said, "Modern retractable bollards can be controlled and integrated with any other access control system, connecting directly to the I.P. network.” He added, “Bollards are a mitigation measure that can saves lives.”

VIRSIG is a federal and state certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB) that designs, builds, manages and maintains secure computer networks, particularly those that have a strong relationship to network I.P. controlled security devices. They supply, install and maintain related equipment, including surveillance cameras, entry/egress access control, laser detection devices, advanced video management software, innovative analytics, and other associated protective technologies. For more information, please call 718-819-6411.

NAICS: 238990 Anti-Crash Bollards / Poles | VIRSIG Bollard Page

Bollards are Made in the USA


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