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Video Management Systems

VIRSIG offers several leading Video Management Systems (VMS) platforms. These VMS link networking capabilities integrate with other security devices and business systems in order to offer the flexibility of running multiple cameras on the same network. This allows us to cover a much larger area in an increasingly efficient way.


Our intelligent VMS packages can launch a recording in response to situations triggered by motion detection, door openings, and certain software interface configuration. Our VMS systems offer remote capabilities such as retrieval and playback of video from the database archives. These VMS platforms have the ability to integrate with third-party systems like video analytics and access control. These systems also offer the flexibility of a true scale search of video archives as per configurations like time period and area of interest within the database.


VIRSIG can deliver intelligent VMS systems for the operations and functions related to video surveillance hardware on IP-backed networks. Through this feature, an opportunity is created to integrate other components of a corporate security program as well.

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