Video Management Systems

A Video Management System (VMS) links networking capabilities like integrating with other security devices and business systems in order to offer the flexibility of running multiple cameras on the same network and hence offers a cover-up to larger areas in an efficient way. An intelligent VMS must be capable enough to start the recording in response to situations triggered by motion detection, door openings and to certain software interface configuration. A VMS must also present remote access to users in different parts of a building in order to see live camera views and that too with the control features such as pan, tilt, zoom etc.

Video Management System must also offer remote capabilities such as retrieval and playback of video from the database archives. The VMS must offer the ability to integrate with third party systems like video analytics and access control. This system must also offer a flexibility of offering a true scale search of video archive database as per configurations like time period and area of interest. Provision to create secure video evidence must also be offered by an able VMS; a Video Management System must offer basic video processing features such as motion detection.

Basically a VMS will deliver intelligent software for the operations and functions related to Video Surveillance hardware on an IP backed network. Through this feature an opportunity is created to integrate other components of corporate security program as well.

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