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Federal Government Clients


Federal Government – (Texas): VIRSIG designed, supplied, and installed a FICAM-compliant access control system to secure doors at the Security Forces Headquarters building of a major U.S. Air Force base. This includes their integrated SCIF and Secure Operations Center that the new system was installed on. The FICAM-compliant access control system used FIPS-level technology. VIRSIG supplied hardware and software which would maintain the client’s compliance with the GSA’s Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) guidelines which demand the use of a Certificate Validation System. VIRSIG’s design and engineering team proposed this new integrated FICAM-compliant system to replace a legacy solution, therefore increasing physical security. The new system displays access control events and stores them for customized reporting and automatically backs up and maintains a SQL-compliant database of credential holders.


Federal Government – (Illinois): VIRSIG designed, supplied, and installed an I.P. camera video surveillance system inclusive of all fiber optic cabling, conduit, high definition PTZ cameras, poles, mounts, 60TB server, a leading-edge video management system, and all switching and related power to cover this large federal facility.


Federal Government – (New York): VIRSIG provided a leading-edge software access control package with PIV-class card readers in order  to move a federal facility closer to federal FICAM compliance. This new system was an upgrade over the legacy antiquated access control management system.


Federal Government – (New York): VIRSIG engineered and deployed a 60 GHz milli-meter wavelength free-space wireless communications system with solar power and ultra-high resolution 360-degree and PTZ camera system. This technology utilized broadband data encoding and a photonic millimeter-wave carrier generator that produced a carrier signal by photomixing two optical subcarriers sourced from a dual-wavelength laser within optical fiber optic cable.


Federal Government – (New York): VIRSIG provided a complete video management and centralized credential-based access control suite to efficiently provide operational support for over 400 I.P. cameras for a major medical facility.


Federal Government – (New York): VIRSIG engineered an entirely new I.P. security network for a major federal campus. This included VIRSIG providing, programming, and installing 155 new surveillance cameras, that were mounted internally and externally on 12 different buildings.


State & Municipal Government Clients


State Agency (New York): VIRSIG modernized and hardened various industrial buildings and office facilities along the Hudson River for a prominent State of New York agency. VIRSIG supplied and installed intelligent locksets for 100 door openings at 15 locations, along with a full conversion from a metal key system to an auditable  state-of-the-art electronic one. In addition to the locksets, this installation included new access control software, panels, servers, and site licenses, as well as cabling the new network interfaces. This project empowered the client through enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control, and connectivity to the cloud. VIRSIG engineered a single intuitive interface to simplify operations. It not only managed access control, but also managed video surveillance, communications, intrusion detection and analytics.


State Agency (New York): VIRSIG provided and furnished all supervision, labor, materials, appliances, supplies and services for the complete performance of an I.P. Camera, Video Management System (VMS), Access Control System, Telephone and Intercom System package. This deployment included a VMS compatible with existing legacy hardware. VIRSIG provided an all new Access Control System, including all sensors and card readers. A modern networked intercom system was installed at the front and back egress/entry points with camera and a master remote with ADA-compliant capability. All new data/voice cabling and conduit was provided to support a new 10 phone/ 3-line phone system. Cameras were high resolution providing a 360` view and having 60-day on-board storage. VIRSIG provided a UPS system along with support components including a UPS Network Management Card for environmental monitoring. This installation was designed to increase the facility’s communications with its offsite headquarters, and to ensure the physical security of the location was strengthened.

Municipal Agency (New York): VIRSIG designed a customized solution for a restricted area controlled by a major municipal law enforcement agency. Equipment supplied included laser detection scanners; high definition PTZ and bullet cameras, new high-capacity servers, and all new network equipment, including cabling and conduit. The contract included trenching for cable, and the installation of an access control system at pedestrian and vehicle gates. The scanners utilized were able to detect a moving object's size, speed, and distance and process that information with a unique algorithm; this resulted in a high-reliability detection of people with minimal false alarms. VIRSIG configured the scanners to automatically track vehicles in motion within this restricted facility. The laser scanners work in zero light conditions. Data supplied from the scanners syncs with the existing video management system, then in turn activates the PTZ cameras to track and record moving vehicles in real-time.

Municipal Agency (New York): VIRSIG supplied a local school district with plenum-rated Cat 6a cable throughout a High School, Middle School and an Elementary School. In total, there was approximately 350,000 feet installed in 1200 separate runs of near 300 feet each. In addition to cable, VIRSIG installed new patch panels, wire boxes, wall jacks and custom cable baskets. Aerial fiber optic cable was hung, networking both the High School and Middle School. Of the near 66 miles of cable installed, all ends were properly terminated and certified. The final report which VIRSIG provided to the client was 1,260 pages demonstrating 100% connectivity, including certified benchmark variables (i.e., length, delay, loss margin, resistance, and frequency), verified by the use of a state-of-the-art calibrated network cable tester.

Corporate Clients

Corporate Client (New York): VIRSIG provided an all new designed and installed comprehensive access control and video management solution for a newly built $100 million-dollar 350,000 square foot state-of-the-art film and television production complex. This included 80 networked I.P. cameras, 11 controlled door openings, 5 SIP-enabled intercom stations, and 3 license plate recognition cameras. VIRSIG provided, installed, and certified a complete Cat 6A network cable solution including paths / wire trays / terminations and patch panels, to support 700 workstations, servers and environmental controllers. This included 24-strand fiber installed from the main MCC to two ICCs. The system installed was scalable to support all security operations of the future second site of similar size to be built adjacent to this site. License plate readers were provided to be used as the owner-credentials to allow for unrestricted property access, while the overall access system provided for multi-tenet operations. A graphical mapping system which included all control points was established allowing the client to maintain situational awareness of the complex.

Corporate Client (Miami): VIRSIG provided a internationally-known Fortune 500 food corporation an all-new access control, alarm system and video management system (VMS) supporting a major facility. The new system protects the buildings, parking areas and perimeter. Technology also included intercoms operating over cellular, gate controllers, and solar powered emergency telephone boxes.

Corporate Client (New York): VIRSIG deployed a technology security package for a major American golf tournament that was concerned about bad actors impacting the event, its players, and the large crowds of spectators. This package included various types of high-resolution I.P. surveillance cameras, video recording servers, and advanced video analytics software; the system was installed and federated to provide both local security and law enforcement to have mobile viewing of these cameras on their smart phones and iPads. It was a surveillance system designed to help detect, deter, and defend the sports facility, and in the event of a man-made incident, it would capture evidence.


Corporate Client (New York): VIRSIG has had multiple annual contracts providing technological push packages increasing operational safety and situational awareness for one of America’s largest sporting events. This has included providing high-availability and secure network electronic security and situational awareness solutions, such as live video support, sensors, voice annunciators, video walls, networked technologies including thousands of feet of cabling, and outdoor wireless mesh communications networks. VIRSIG has also established temporary resilient indoor and outdoor local area networks, and provided infrastructure to support operation of an internal emergency operations center, temporary medical facility, Jumbotrons, and electronic signage, I.P. audio and cameras.


Corporate Client (Palm Beach): VIRSIG provides security and safety oversite for a series of family-owned high-asset estates in multiple locations. The family owns a well-known billion-dollar manufacturing corporation. Technology employed at these locations includes alarm systems, fire systems, and leak / temperature monitoring sensors. Some of these sites are very large and include hundreds of sensors and fire zones.


Corporate Client (Ft. Lauderdale): VIRSIG provides a national property management company with video monitoring for 35 of their commercial business parks. The enterprise technology utilized includes leading-edge ultra-high resolution I.P. cameras, new video management and storage servers, as well as top-tier video management software (VMS). The systems are federated using hardware which is powered by cellular technology to a Central Station.


Corporate Client (New York): VIRSIG provided an all-new feature-rich Access Control and Video Management System (VMS) to support all new high-resolution I.P. cameras at a prominent Mid-Town Manhattan office building located on a historic New York City site. The installation included all necessary sensors and card readers for two-dozen doors. The installation included Cat6 cable drops data and communication support, including patch panels, jacks, and wall plates for 134 data drops.


Corporate Client (Las Vegas, Minneapolis, New York City, Orlando): VIRSIG provides enterprise-level security technology to a privately held American multinational manufacturer of food products in multiple locations. This includes hardware, software, maintenance and 24/7 support, for centralized credential-based access control, integrated video management, video servers and hundreds of high-resolution I.P. cameras. VIRSIG also supplied a state-of-the-art perimeter alarm system and panic buttons throughout thei

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