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Physical Security Services

Venues, Facilities, Special Events, Social Gatherings, Family Escort

VIRSIG is a premier global provider of security services for all types of special events both in the United States and abroad. From our role as the sole provider of security at premiers, screenings, and openings, we work in partnership with law enforcement and government security at political events and private functions. VIRSIG remains unsurpassed in our ability to provide the right personnel for every type of function.

Our installation and facility security teams combine both physical and logical security using “boots on the ground” in combination with innovative technology. VIRSIG either leads the security assignment or works in tandem with local in-house security and law enforcement at the venue.

VIRSIG's mission assignment can be scaled up or down, permitting VIRSIG to discreetly provide meticulous security services to our ultra-high-net-worth clients at private or public venues. 

We have worked with local police departments, major sporting events, and Fortune 500 companies all with the same purpose - to protect both people and infrastructure in the most professional and effective manner possible.

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