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What does VIRSIG mean ?



The word/name VIRSIG was coined by one of our founding employees in 2014 (who also created our unique logo). We had been looking for a unique but symbolic name for the new company, and VIRSIG came about from the Latin word 'VIR' ({masculine} hero, courage, honor). The second part of the word remains in contemporary lore. The 'SIG' portion of the name was created either as simply a suffix for the word VIR, or as some have mentioned, it means 'Systems Integration Group.' There have also been rumors that VIRSIG stands for 'Virtual Systems Integration Group,' but the true identity and origin of the word VIRSIG will forever be obscured by history.


A couple of interesting facts related to the word VIRSIG:


  • When VIRSIG was first created, it came up zero times in a Google search; today, it comes up with thousands of entries.

  • Also, it should be remembered that VIRSIG Is always spelled in capital letters.



  • The company's legal and proper name is: VIRSIG, LLC.

  • Always use the suffix LLC, e.g. VIRSIG, LLC. for legal documents and contracts.

  • Spelling it as “Virsig” or as “virsig” is unauthorized.

  • The exception is for email, in which is authorized.


The full color VIRSIG logo is designed using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator as follows:

• The font is Garamond (non-bold)
• Letters should be either pure black (hex #000000) or pure white (hex #ffffff)
• Kerning is 50
• The three overlapping arrows are facing right on the horizontal plane (PS Arrow 6)
• All arrows require sufficient and even spacing, refer to sample image
• Arrow one is yellow (hex # ffe401) Pantone 107C
• Arrow two is red (hex #cc0000) Pantone 485C
• Arrow one is gray (hex #828282) Pantone Cool Gray 8C
• Image should be saved as a PNG with a transparent background

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