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VIRSIG Standard Terms and Conditions

  • Unless otherwise noted by VIRSIG, all 110 VAC power (free from interference) is provided by others to locations as specified by VIRSIG and is not included in our VIRSIG pricing.

  • VIRSIG installed wiring will utilize Plenum rated cable as required. Rigid pipe and conduit are not included in the VIRSIG price unless otherwise noted.

  • VIRSIG assumes existing wiring and/or security equipment to which the installation may connect are in good and operable condition, suitable for the purpose intended and compatible with industry standard equipment and assumes no liability for said equipment.

  • Unless otherwise noted by VIRSIG, all installation labor, final connections, and testing shall be performed during VIRSIG normal business hours of Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, except holidays.

  • Unless otherwise noted by VIRSIG, pricing reflects installations within a 50 mile radius of a VIRSIG Branch Office.

  • All items supplied by others in support of this project, but not included in this contract, are not covered under the VIRSIG standard warranty.

  • Unless otherwise noted by VIRSIG, one session, of four (4) hours of system training for up to four students has been included. Additional training is available for purchase at the standard VIRSIG training rate for the specific product. Additional training over and above the four (4) hours may be required for complete operator/administrative training.

  • Pricing for VIRSIG shop and submittal drawings is based on VIRSIG receiving architectural backgrounds and/or as-built drawings as electronic files in the current revision AutoCAD format within five (5) business days after the award of the contract.

  • Unless otherwise noted by VIRSIG, any outdoor parking lot trenching, conduit, power, junction boxes, bases and islands as required for security devices and intercoms will be provided and installed by others.

  • All conduit and raceways to be provided and installed by others and furnished with pull lines. Unless quoted by VIRSIG

  • Asbestos abatement is excluded.

  • Idle time incurred by VIRSIG employees due to clearances, escorts, or other factors beyond our control when aggregated in excess of one (1) man-hour will be billed at our prevailing labor rates.

  • Unless otherwise noted, electrical, fire and work permits, if applicable, are not included.

  • Elimination by VIRSIG of electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) which may hinder the operation of systems we have installed will be billed at our prevailing labor rates.

  • This proposal is based upon bid documents, plans and on existing site conditions. Any changes in site conditions and/or project scope which occur after proposal preparation that may have cost and/or operational impact will be subject to a change order which may be above or below the original proposal (contract) price.

  • System design changes required in order to comply with governmental authorities, AHJ, Fire Marshal, etc. may result in a contract price increase or decrease.

  • Lightning Protection: Equipment furnished and installed by VIRSIG is provided with the equipment manufacturer's standard lightning and/or transient protection. NO GUARANTEE IS PROVIDED AGAINST EQUIPMENT AND/OR SYSTEM DAMAGE DUE TO EITHER LIGHTNING AND/OR LINE POWER TRANSIENTS.

  • Unless otherwise stipulated or agreed to, the installation should begin 30-45 days after the receipt of a signed purchase order or contract. All equipment will be supplied in concert with VIRSIG standard lead times, which may influence the final project schedule and completion.

  • VIRSIG will not be included in any penalties or adjustments due to damages caused by others.

  • Computers supplied to VIRSIG must meet all VIRSIG specifications and requirements, including software operating system, application and version requirements. In addition, VIRSIG does NOT guarantee the compatibility of any software on computers supplied by others.

  • Unless otherwise noted by VIRSIG, all LAN connections required for VIRSIG equipment shall be provided and installed by others to required locations as specified by VIRSIG.

  • Should a Certification and Accreditation (C&A) be necessary in order to validate the security of any or all VIRSIG equipment being installed, these services are not included herein and will be priced separately.

  • If the installed equipment is to be connected to a computer network (“Network”), VIRSIG will furnish and install the software needed to run the equipment and will connect the equipment to the network according to the network settings supplied by Customer.  Customer will supply a TCP/IP Ethernet network address and central processing unit per VIRSIG specifications for access control system operation.  VIRSIG shall not be responsible for the setup, operation, or maintenance of the network or network performance or compatibility issues.  VIRSIG may assess additional charges, if VIRSIG is unable to connect to the network or if any additional equipment is required to facilitate connectivity between the network and the equipment.

  • Customer will provide adequate illumination under all operational conditions for the proper operation of the closed circuit television camera and will provide the 110 AC power supply where required as well as shelf or desk space for monitors.

December 12, 2018

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