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VIRSIG Partners with Terra Sound Technologies to Strengthen Perimeter Security


Point of Contact: Shel Alfassa 718-819-6411

23 June 2021 (Port Washington, NY) — VIRSIG, LLC., a national technology company focused on protecting people, places, and data, announced today a strategic partnership with Terra Sound Technology, Inc., to offer products which offer innovative solutions that help strengthen perimeter security and harden facilities against physical threats and vulnerabilities.

Terra Sound Technology, a USA owned and operated, Veteran-Owned Small Business uses newly installed or legacy “dark” fiber optic cable and machine learning enabled monitoring software to detect minute vibrations. Capabilities include detecting and reporting trespassers in unauthorized areas, 3rd party intrusions, high pressure leaks and vehicles entering restricted zones.

Applying software that incorporates machine learning algorithms to collect data, analyze and learn from it and make decisions based on customer input – Terra Sound Technology can detect report and classify activity for a monitored asset. Alerts are dispatched to customer decided platforms (ie, SMS, emails, apps, security operation centers (SOCs), etc.). Depending on customer and site specific direction, these rapid alerts may include classifier data, geographic coordinates and surveillance photos. Terra Sound’s products include:

  • Perimeter Shield™: The Perimeter Shield™ physical security platform utilizes fiber optic cable, centralized connection hardware and intelligent monitoring software to detect perimeter activity. Perimeter Shield™ significantly reduces false positives through use of Next-Gen machine learning. Unauthorized events are detected before assets are put at risk, giving response teams valuable time to react.

  • Safeguard™: The Safeguard™ pipeline protection platform utilizes fiber optic cable, centralized connection hardware and intelligent monitoring software to detect pipeline activity. Safeguard™ mitigates the risk of a 3rd party intrusion and catastrophic leaks. Unauthorized digging or malicious tampering are detected before harm occurs, giving response teams valuable time to react.

  • Terra Sound Intelligent Transportation System (ITS): Consists of a centralized connection hardware and monitoring software to detect and report road activity. It uses existing fiber that has been pre-installed, or newly installed fiber if there is no fiber available. These are only a few of the capabilities that Terra Sound can deliver, but we are constantly expanding our data set with new classifiers through the use of our Next-Gen machine learning, and ground source data.

Brian Valenza, CEO of VIRSIG said, “Terra Sound’s technology provides an important solution for our government clients, and we look forward to working together to protect facilities and critical infrastructure.” He added, “As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned business, VIRSIG welcomes the partnership with Terra Sound, a fellow Veteran-Owned business.”

Terra Sound’s technology is available to both the government and public sectors, and is increasingly being used for Smart City projects. Learn more at:

VIRSIG is headquartered in New York, and operates nationwide. VIRSIG is both a certified SDVOSB and a Minority-Owned (American Indian) owned business. Learn more at:


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