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VIRSIG's Alfassa Releases New Book on Emergency Management

(December 2, 2020) - VIRSIG’s Director of Communications, who is the company’s resident Emergency Management and Homeland Security professional, is the author of a newly released book, Essays in Public Safety and Emergency Management. This volume is a collection of essays which had been prepared between 2015 and 2020. They touch on a myriad of topics, all with an essence of public safety, and some focusing more particularly on emergency management and the homeland security enterprise.

Alfassa has been with VIRSIG since its inception. His day to day role includes providing corporate clients with assessments and gap analysis to establish their risk profile as well as mentoring the design, development and implementation of comprehensive emergency preparedness plans for all life safety, critical incidents, and hazards which may come to fruition within the corporate environment.

The book opens up with The Emergent Profession of Corporate Emergency Management, and includes other essays such as Trust as a Key Factor in the Public-Government Trust Dynamic, The Evolution of American Civilian Defense into Modern Emergency Management, and Homegrown Violent Extremism and Their Use of Social Media.

Alfassa is a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), and the ‘Section on Emergency and Crisis Management’ of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). He is a Certified Emergency and Disaster Professional (CEDP) and has 25 years of public safety sector experience, including as Deputy Commander for a joint US Public Health Service / FEMA counter-terrorism response team.

More information on Essays in Public Safety and Emergency Management (ISBN 978-1-716-47630-3) can be obtained on his personal website:

VIRSIG, a national technology company protects people, places and data by identifying then addressing cybersecurity, infrastructure, perimeter, and site vulnerabilities.


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