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VIRSIG's Alfassa speaking on “Mitigating Tort Liability in a Hostile Vehicle Threat Paradigm” at

VIRSIG’s Shelomo Alfassa will be speaking as a panel member as part of “Policies, Best Practices, and Funding Standards Employed in Projects to Prevent Hostile Vehicle Attacks in Public Areas” at ISC-EAST in New York City. ISC East is the Northeast United States’ security industry’s premier convention and is sponsored by the Security Industry Association (SIA). The event is being held at the Javits Convention Center on 21 November 2019 at 1200 in Theater 2.

Alfassa’s talk, “Mitigating Tort Liability in a Hostile Vehicle Threat Paradigm” is part of a panel involving three professionals who actively work in the areas of assessing threats from terrorists and motivated individuals who use vehicles to attack pedestrians and crowds in urban areas. The panel will discuss the different types of threats experienced, prevention efforts by law enforcement, prevention of attacks using safety and security barriers, the implementation of recommended planning and design features, and greater awareness of the need to separate vehicles from people.

Additionally, the panel will discuss recent legislation authored by Congressman Latta (R- Ohio) and supported by the Security Industry Association (SIA) which required the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to issue a report to Congress on best practices and training programs in place to prevent these attacks. The panel will discuss these findings and DHS recommendations. Hostile Vehicle Attacks are a proven weapon of terror because they are cheap, easy, and effective. Examples include the vehicle attack on pedestrians in Times Square in 2017, the attack on the bike path in New York City on Halloween 2017, and the sidewalk van attack in Toronto in 2018. Other Hostile vehicle attacks include hundreds of dead and injured in other attacks in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Europe.

The International Security Conference & Exposition East – also known as ISC East – is the Northeast’s largest security trade show. Around 7,500 security and public safety professionals convene in New York each year to meet experts from over 300 leading security brands.

VIRSIG, LLC., is a national security technology firm focused on protecting both people and infrastructure, through protective and logical security activities. VIRSIG’s design and engineering technology activities lends itself to the protection of organizations through innovative systems, custom-engineered software applications, specialized hardware, and secure high-speed monitored networks. VIRSIG also provides comprehensive in-house security and emergency planning consulting and analysis.

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