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Hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts have come a long way from just 10 years ago when Wi-Fi practically was unheard of in all guest rooms. Today, hotels and other paid lodging facilities are certainly connected to the I.P. network—and not just to facilitate Wi-Fi to all their customers. Hotels use the power of the network to control building intelligence. Whether it’s the pool pumps, the lighting in the lobbies and hallways, the fire alarms and evacuation systems or the telephone systems, hotels around the country are discovering and harnessing the power of network controlled solutions for energy savings, customer service and overall efficiency.


Other than for facility and maintenance purposes, specific purpose-built hotel networks are especially useful for video surveillance. Cameras can help prevent theft from guests by helping track visitors and prevent break-ins on hotel property, at the same time, hotel management can monitor their properties remotely on any Internet-enabled device. Hotels utilize surveillance cameras and maintain what they record on networked video recorders; if there is a crime, the video can serve as evidence.


And forget the old key systems, the brass key which was replaced by the punched card key, has now been replaced by RFID technology and now an even newer evolution—the use of your smart phone as your room key. Now you can obtain the key to your phone before you arrive: no front desk, no queues.


Contact VIRSIG to learn about the newest technologies, those which can help with efficiency, security and overall facility infrastructure reliability.

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