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Corporate Culture

  • VIRSIG's corporate culture is one which fosters honesty, teamwork, and trust. These are core foundational virtues the company holds, and desires to see its employees possess; these are guiding tenets, that when practiced by the entire workforce, contribute significantly to the satisfaction of all employees and our success in the market.

  • VIRSIG believes that those employees who come to work on time, work diligently, and complete their assigned missions in a passionate manner, are meritorious and should be rewarded.

  • VIRSIG values and promotes continued education and training of employees so both the employee and the company will stay ahead of the latest technology trends among the industry sector.

  • VIRSIG expects all its employees to strive to never to fail at their task at hand; to fight to get through whatever comes their way, and to rely on their teammates to make this a reality.

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