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VIRSIG has been certified as a Federal ACDBE

(January 25, 2022) - VIRSIG has been certified as a ACDBE, a federal program administered by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) through each State. Federal law directs private companies operating within airports to establish fiscal diversity goals – companies meet these goals by using certified ACDBE firms. This certification had its origins from the 1980 Civil Rights Act. As a ACDBE, VIRSIG can now compete for contracts with businesses located within a United States airport, including those engaged in the sale of consumer goods or services, such as rental car companies, commercial shops, etc. This means that any of those types of firms who are developing new facilities at new terminals, or remodeling existing ones etc., can have VIRSIG bid on certain contracts which have been set aside solely for the pool of certified ACDBEs.


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