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VIRSIG Core Value Awards Recognize Top Teammates in 2023 at Annual Holiday Party

VIRSIG Core Value Awards 2023

On Friday, December 15th, 2023, VIRSIG held their annual holiday party at Louie's in Port Washington, New York. This year, VIRSIG started a new tradition of recognizing teammates who uphold and exemplify the company's core values.

Each member of the VIRSIG team was asked to vote for the individuals who truly stood out in their contributions to the shared success of the company and who continuously go above and beyond to make VIRSIG a remarkable place to work.


Eileen Krause - Coxswain Award - VIRSIG

Coxswain Award – awarded to the VIRSIG teammate who consistently displays a dedicated and relentless effort to keep us all moving in the same direction

The Coxswain Award recognizes an exceptional individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, communication skills, and strategic decision-making. This award honors the pivotal role this person plays in consistently guiding the team and ensuring we are all moving in the same direction.  The recipient of the Coxswain Award exemplifies qualities such as poise under pressure, clear and concise communication, and a keen understanding of our team, contributing significantly to the overall success and cohesion of VIRSIG.

WINNER:  Eileen Krause

Steve Meredith - Fire in the Gut Award - VIRSIG

Fire In the Gut Award –  this award goes to the teammate with true grit, someone who always pushes through, no matter the task

The Fire in the Gut Award is a recognition bestowed upon an individual who embodies unparalleled passion, determination, and an unyielding drive in their daily pursuits. This accolade is a tribute to the person who consistently, even in the face of adversity, rises to the occasion, displaying an unwavering commitment to making a difference; someone who never gives up, no matter what happens.  

WINNER:  Steve Meredith


Jeanne Chua - First Time Every Time Award - VIRSIG

First Time Every Time Award – awarded to the VIRSIG teammate who has extraordinary attention to detail and consistently delivers exceptional results.

The First Time Every Time Award is a distinctive honor presented to the individual who consistently delivers exceptional performance and flawless execution in their endeavors.  This accolade celebrates someone who, without fail, achieves success with precision and excellence on their initial attempt.  Whether tackling new projects, solving challenges, or navigating uncharted territory, the recipient of this award demonstrates an exceptional ability to excel on the first try.  Their unwavering commitment to perfection, and the ability to consistently deliver outstanding results, showcases their dedication to excellence and make them a standout performer.

WINNER:  Jeanne Chua

Julio Moreno - Quick Reaction Force Award - VIRSIG

QRF (Quick Reaction Force) Award – the QRF award is presented to the VIRSIG teammate who is a true team player, someone who is always there in the clutch and will drop everything to help their team.

The QRF Award recognizes an individual known for their exceptional ability to perform under pressure and deliver outstanding results during critical moments.  This accolade celebrates someone who consistently rises to the occasion when faced with challenging situations, making decisive and impactful contributions to the success of their team or organization. The recipient of this award demonstrates resilience, strategic thinking, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, showcasing their capacity to navigate high-stakes scenarios with composure and effectiveness. Their ability to be a "clutch player" in the business arena makes them an invaluable asset and a standout performer in times of challenge and opportunity.

WINNER:  Julio Moreno

Daniel Kime - VIRSIG Honor Award

VIRSIG Honor Award –  this award goes to the teammate who is respected and admired for their overall contributions, professionalism, dedication, and on-going support of VIRSIG’s team, core values, mission, and vision.

The VIRSIG Honor Award celebrates the individual who exemplifies the highest standards of integrity, leadership, and dedication within our organization. This award honors the person who consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence, innovative thinking, and a positive impact on the workplace.  The recipient of this esteemed award not only shines in their professional accomplishments, but also inspires others through their positive influence and dedication to fostering a thriving and collaborative business environment.  This accolade serves as a testament to their outstanding character, exceptional work ethic, and lasting influence on the success and culture of our business. 

WINNER:  Dan Kime


Daniel Kime - Tip of the Spear Award - VIRSIG

Tip of the Spear – this award is presented to our overall top sales performer; the best of the best.


The Tip of the Spear Award is a prestigious accolade bestowed upon the individual who has demonstrated unparalleled dedication, outstanding performance, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of sales. This award is reserved for the top performer, someone who has consistently exceeded targets and significantly contributed to the overall success of the sales team.  This person embodies a combination of strategic thinking, persuasive communication, and a relentless drive to meet and exceed goals, and this award acknowledges their invaluable role in driving revenue, fostering client relationships, and serving as a dynamic force in the sales success story of the organization.

WINNER:  Dan Kime

We truly appreciate every member of the team for making 2023 our best year yet. If you'd like to find out more about joining our team at VIRSIG, click here.


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