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VIRSIG, LLC., a New York City based security technology firm, forecasts a new year of continued growth and opportunity. Focused on protecting both people and infrastructure, through protective and logical security activities, VIRSIG is highly enthusiastic to be entering its 5th year in 2019.

Founded by a former Naval Officer and some of the best security professionals in the business, VIRSIG is both a federal and state of New York certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB). SDVOB programs aim to make businesses owned by disabled veterans a more active part of government contracting, including by providing qualified SDVOB businesses with certain non-competitive government contracts.

VIRSIG has provided security technology services for major events such as the NYC Marathon, the U.S. Women’s Golf Championship, and the Presidential Debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Their clients include multi billion-dollar companies, including one of the world's three most-valuable start-ups, and one of the top ten largest private firms in America. Other clients include city governments, police departments, hospital medical centers, and facilities within the educational sector.

“VIRSIG is a certified SDVOB that is also licensed as a security provider, and we're the only one at home in New York City--something we’re very proud of, said Shelomo Alfassa, VIRSIG’s Director of Communications. “Providing technology which can help with mitigating crime and/or terrorism is what we’re all about,” he added.

Licensed in New York and New Jersey, VIRSIG expanded in 2017 to clients across the nation, San Jose, Las Vegas and Orlando, then in 2018, to international clients in London and Tokyo.

VIRSIG is online at


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