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VIRSIG Assists 2016 TCS NYC Marathon for Third Year in a Row with Technology

VIRSIG, an award winning performer in the national network and electronic security industry, has once again provided technological support for race operations for the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon. This is the third time VIRSIG was selected to assist with the marathon—a world-class sporting event with 50,000 participants, and near one-million spectators.

VirsigVIRSIGprovided network infrastructure that supports a host of different technologies, including digital information transport systems for audio and data, sensors, cameras, Internet and WiFi, voice annunciators, media broadcast, and digital signage. VIRSIG has provided preceding TCS New York City Marathons with technological push packages that increased operational safety and situational awareness.

Glenn Taylor, Executive Director of VIRSIG said: “This type of network underpinning, will make available a high-availability and secure network for all of those behind the scenes, working together to make the 2016 marathon a success.”

​VIRSIG is based in New York City. They can be reached at 844.4.VIRSIG or by visiting

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