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VIRSIG Participates in Congressional Roundtable

Virsig was honored by being selected as one of 24 technology companies in New York by Members of the U.S. Congress, to participate in a program on how Congress can better support and spur technological innovation locally and across the country.

The program, entitled Innovation Agenda 2.0, has a goal, to ensure America maintains its continued position, as the most competitive and innovative nation in the world. Organized by several Members of Congress, including Representatives: Grace Meng, Joe Crowley, Hakeem Jeffries, and Yvette Clarke, the program opened with an intimate roundtable discussion. The event covered the themes of emerging areas in innovation, initiatives that can stimulate innovation and international competitiveness—such as public-private partnerships, and barriers to keeping America innovative. Invited to represent Virsig was Glenn Taylor, the company’s Executive Director and Shelomo Alfassa, Director of Communications.

In addition to Virsig, fellow panel members include companies such as Con Edison, Etsy, Southwest Airlines, Port Authority of NY & NJ, and LaGuardia Airport. The House Representatives sought the panel's perspective on the challenges facing American technological innovation. They pursued ideas on how to increase American competitiveness, with the goal of these ideas evolving into legislative provisions that could eventually become signed into law.

“It’s a high honor to be selected to participate in discussion on such an import topic. Technology is rapidly taking us into the future, and we want that future to be one where our country is the leader.” said Mr. Taylor. “Just like the American Dream, the American spirit of innovation, remains an integral part of our national character,” he added.

The Innovation Agenda program reflects the ideal that when the American people work together, for the common good, there is no challenge too great. To this end, a bipartisan Congress is working to implement the goals that include ensuring America will remain strong, and will assert its global economic leadership to create new business ventures and jobs.

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