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Once Again, VIRSIG and Team of Global Technology Partners Provide Situational Awareness Platform to

With over 50,000 participants and one million spectators, the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon had its operational safety and situational awareness supplemented once again by Virsig, LLC., an award winning performer in the national network and electronic security industry. For 2015, Virsig engineered a Resilient Temporary Network—a specialized Situational Awareness Platform for the world’s largest road race.

Virsig’s new platform dynamically captured and relayed real-time race information utilizing numerous strategically placed cameras that were tactically mounted throughout the course of the race. Video feeds provided race officials and operational management with specific critical information, including a clear picture of the mass volume of runners, conditions of the roadway, persons in need of medical assistance, etc.

Virsig’s field-deployable, purpose-built system combined the strength of a secure I.P. network with specialized cameras that ensured both network interoperability and critical redundancy. The cameras were inter-linked via a secure and scalable architecture that was based upon a wireless mesh backbone.

Virsig was bolstered by several global technology partners including Canon—a leader in digital imaging and advanced optics (provided high megapixel IP security cameras) and; Firetide, Inc.—a Division of UNICOM Global (provided the wireless mesh connectivity), and Siklu.

Siklu provided another source of connectivity for the camera network. Siklu’s Gbps wireless radios aggregated the video for high resolution cameras with plenty of bandwidth, diminished latency and outstanding video transmission.

Glenn Taylor, Executive Director of Virsig said: “The fusion between Canon, Firetide, Siklu and Virsig was a great achievment. The network, components, and the overall integration—all of it came together to provide a robust source of video feeds that were both tactfully precise and redundant.” He added: “If there would have been any sort of emergency, the platform would have helped local agencies initiate and manage a rapid response to the situation.” Milestone Systems (advanced video analytics) and BCDVideo (secure servers) also supported the entire operation.

Not only did Virsig support the critical Finish Line area of the race in Central Park, but also at the Start Line in Staten Island, where over 25,000’ (7,600m) of cable was spanned. The communications cable supported digital information transport for voice annunciators, media broadcast, and digital signage—including the large Jumbotrons used during the marathon.

Virsig is based in New York City. They can be reached at 844.4.VIRSIG or by visiting

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