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VIRSIG To Celebrate National 'Data Privacy Day' Campaign, to Promote the Importance of Both

Virsig announced today that it has become a corporate Data Privacy Day Champion, in preparation of the January 28, 2015 national 'Data Privacy Day.' The purpose of this day is to promote the importance of both data protection, and controlling one’s digital f0ootprint. Data Privacy Day is a public/private partnership coordinated and led by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), whose sponsors include the US Department of Homeland Security, Symantec, Intel, McAfee, Microsoft and Bank of America. NCSA’s mission is to raise awareness on the topic of cyber-security, and to encourage and empower people to better protect their digital data, both on and offline. Data Privacy Day was formally created through the US Congress, and is held each year on January 28th. As a corporate Data Privacy Day Champion, Virsig recognizes and supports the ideal that individuals, organizations, business and government all share the responsibility to be aware of privacy challenges and encourages everyone to bring information privacy into their daily thoughts, conversations and actions. Glenn Taylor, Virsig’s Executive Director said: “Programs such as this are a dual positive, as they foster a spirit of partnership and comradery among those in the industry who collectedly fight against cyber-crime and malicious actors on a daily basis; they also promote individual responsibility and help to encourage all citizens to play their part in the same.”

Virsig is joining the effort to promote privacy awareness along with many other organizations, companies, education institutions, government entities and municipalities across the USA. Information about other Data Privacy Day Champions can be found at Anyone interested in getting involved with Data Privacy Day is also encouraged to visit the website. Virsig leverages the strength of the IP Network—the backbone of any infrastructure or security system; this is accomplished from initial design to dynamic implementation, through analysis and testing, and subsequent monitoring. As a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, information transport systems laden with associated peripherals (e.g. digital voice, data, video, sensory, imagery, etc.) are only as strong as the network they’re on. Virsig’s vision is to provide Peace of Mind, while providing specialized solutions for our clients.

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