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VIRSIG is launched in New York City by Brian Valenza, Eric L'Esperance, Christian Cahill and Gle

VIRSIG, LLC., a new purpose-built national electronic security solutions company has been launched in New York City. VIRSIG's leadership has experience in both military and civilian operations and system integration across the United States and more than 52 countries around the world. “VIRSIG represents a platinum performer in the national physical and electronic security industry,” said Brian Valenza, CEO and co-founding majority Member of VIRSIG. Mr. Valenza has extensive commercial venture and security experience. He is the co-founder of Centennial Security Integration, and President of The Guidry Group. Prior to entering the security industry, Valenza had an extensive military career, serving as a United States Navy SEAL across the world, and at the Pentagon. “VIRSIG is an expansion for the industry, one that is faced with ever-increasing crime and the common threat of terrorism,” he added.

​“VIRSIG's uniqueness and strength is that it was founded as a network integrator that focuses solely on electronic physical security integration,” said Glenn Taylor, founding Director of VIRSIG. Mr. Taylor brings to VIRSIG near two decades of industry experience, including working on major security projects such as the Obama/Romney Presidential Debates, the NYC Marathon and the Belmont Stakes. ​“VIRSIG has been developed by assembling the best people in the electronic security industry to design and engineer great solutions, whether the client is a private corporation, local municipality, state agency, or the federal government,“ said Eric L’Esperance, CEO of CSI (and Executive VP of Centennial Elevator Industries, Inc.). ​“VIRSIG engineers and technicians are experts in over-the-network IP security solutions,” said Christian Cahill, a co-founder of VIRSIG. These solutions are leading edge modern technologies which include: Managed Access Control, Perimeter Protection, Intrusion Detection, Emergency Intercoms, CCTV, Covert Surveillance, Analog to Digital Conversions, Video Analytics, Video Storage, Remote Monitoring (from home, office, patrol car or smart phone), Situational Awareness, Surveillance Cameras (including thermal and infrared), Evidence Collection/Documentation, Asset Protection/Tracking, Mass Notification, and Biometric Access Devices. VIRSIG is based in New York City, (Queens). They can be reached at 844.4.VIRSIG or by visiting

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