Wm. Ric Sepulveda

Manager of Enterprise Security Systems

Wm. Ric Sepulveda is VIRSIG’s Manager of Enterprise Security Systems. Ric's professional background includes technology integration and system administration for both the government and the private sector. He maintains a U.S. federal government clearance, and holds numerous advanced I.T. certifications. Ric oversees development, integration and service of complex high-speed computer networks, access control hardware / software, and video management systems for VIRSIG's clients. He holds the Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS (CSEIP) credential, the security industry’s gold-standard and prerequisite for systems engineers who work with federal government and industry high-assurance secure access control systems.

Ric's personal outlook is that technology requires constantly furthering knowledge, but also sharing knowledge through mentoring his team. His  fascination with technology started at a young age. Upon receiving a Commodore 64 as a Christmas present at the age of 7, his preoccupation with computer technology emerged. Later in his adolescent years, he built a simple front end with MSDOS and experimented with configuration of PC devices and software. During this time, he began studying the language of computer programming and at the age of 14 wrote his first PC adventure game. 

He enjoys building gaming machines, reading works of fiction by authors such as George R R Martin and Robin Hobb as well as books on physics and science (currently attempting to wrap his head around theories on quantum physics). He is also currently improving his electric guitar skills with his beloved Ibanez Jem. Ric resides in Westchester County with his wife, a professional in the NYC healthcare industry.

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