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Representing VIRSIG, and raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF), Brian Valenza swims in several point to point ocean swims and other events each year which cumulatively raises several millions of dollars annually. The NSF is a four-star rated national charity, known for its sound fiscal management, commitment to accountability, and transparency. In 2020 Brian's swims includes across the bays of Boston, New York, San Francisco and Tampa.

We care...

One of VIRSIG’s core values is always “do the right thing,” this is a foundational principle demonstrated by our leadership and which is instilled into our team members. It is an element of VIRSIG’s forward momentum which places significance on serving others—whether it is a client, a fellow employee, or a meaningful just cause. We believe such a philosophy toward service is a virtuous endeavor which when pursued honorably, invariably leads to self-fulfillment, thereby promoting the good of individuals, our company, our communities, and our nation.


The Navy SEAL Foundation,
which provides assistance to the
Naval Special Warfare community
and its families.


Through swimming, other events
and annual gala dinners,
Brian has raised:

> $250,000

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