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VIRSIG Partners with Homeland Security to Promote Cyber Security Awareness Among Industry Computer U

Virsig, LLC., a platinum performer in the national physical and electronic security industry, announced today that it has joined the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Stop.Think.Connect.™ campaign, one that has been developed through public / private partnerships to promote national cyber-security awareness. As a security industry partner, Virsig realizes that unlike other threats currently facing our country, cyber attacks can have instant, wide-ranging consequences for the nation’s broader national and economic security interests. Therefore, Virsig is focusing on helping Stop.Think.Connect.™ address industry and small businesses cyber-security concerns. The campaign advises users

VIRSIG - Electronic Security Firm Offers NYC a Technological Solution to Enhance Security on the Bro

As reported this week in both the local and national news, the City of New York experienced a major physical security breech when unknown person(s) climbed suspension cable and gained unauthorized access to the top of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge—replacing the American flags with white flags. While the intent and incident remain still under investigation by the New York City Police Department (NYPD), the fact that people were able to gain unfettered access to the top of the national landmark, begs that security on the bridge be enhanced. Glenn Tayor, Executive Director of Virsig said, “While the police have a strong presence on the bridge and a robust surveillance system, it seems some newly d

VIRSIG is launched in New York City by Brian Valenza, Eric L'Esperance, Christian Cahill and Gle

VIRSIG, LLC., a new purpose-built national electronic security solutions company has been launched in New York City. VIRSIG's leadership has experience in both military and civilian operations and system integration across the United States and more than 52 countries around the world. “VIRSIG represents a platinum performer in the national physical and electronic security industry,” said Brian Valenza, CEO and co-founding majority Member of VIRSIG. Mr. Valenza has extensive commercial venture and security experience. He is the co-founder of Centennial Security Integration, and President of The Guidry Group. Prior to entering the security industry, Valenza had an extensive military career,

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