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VIRSIG realizes that the medical and health fields are booming. Hospitals are growing bigger and some consolidating. Doctors are opening new offices, new practices -- and they’re all in need of information transport services.


High-quality, trustworthy health information is a vital component of the healthcare decision making process. The healthcare industry has a constant need for their software to be maintained (often through an annual service contract), deployed on a server, and optimized for the client's network. In addition, the client may require data protection and backup products as well as consultation to help them meet relevant HIPAA regulations. The days of fax machines are over and new email, cloud, and server-side applications are replacing the old medical record clerk's manilla folders.


Whether it’s surveillance cameras outside the building, in the hallways for security, or cameras in the operating theater for medical/legal reasons, network growth propelled by the advance in health-care digital technology has set demands that require top notch products and service for those in the healthcare sector.

VIRSIG is a Member of the International Association
for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) 
VIRSIG Employees are HIPAA Certified
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