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Building Management

VIRSIG understands that today’s facility managers are maintaining building control systems that are often interlinked over a computer network; this may include fire systems, HVAC, access control, intercoms, sensors, boilers, elevators and even lighting.


These networks are critical infrastructure, and what VIRSIG does, is monitors these networks 24/7, providing mitigation of problems before they occur—and if they do occur, VIRSIG is in a position to gather data, find out what instigated the situation, and take immediate action to correct it.


The building automation industry is now at a point where we have legitimate and reasonable concern regarding the security of building control systems, especially in smart buildings where advanced technology is deployed throughout. The threat simply is that someone can penetrate a building’s systems via an unsecured network to cause damage, disruption, theft or possibly even loss of life. VIRSIG places safeguards on these network system, monitors those systems, and further, when it comes to physical security needs—VIRSIG can provide true access control, intelligent video and analytics, and other crucial systems that can bring any building up to par with the newest and most trusted security technologies.

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